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Internationality – strengthening foreign trade

New markets – new growth – new jobs

For a long time now, national borders have presented no barrier at all to economic interaction. The EU is proof positive of this. However, all new companies going down this road will have found that the routes to new markets are fraught with difficulty. In the impenetrable jungle of unfamiliar legislation, foreign red tape and cultural differences, two key factors have emerged: information and contacts.

The Lower Saxony state government is supporting its small and medium-sized enterprises in this regard – as a valuable contact for enquiries, and by means of our support programme for exhibitors at trade shows outside Germany. By means of on-site representatives or by arranging business delegations to promising markets, we assist our private sector and help clear a path through the thicket of obstacles. In the process, we enhance competitiveness in our own state. An international dimension in business life generates growth, thus securing and creating jobs.

To reflect the importance of this issue for Lower Saxony and its economy, we have put together detailed information in our own portal. Here you will find in-depth material with facts and figures on foreign trade, tours for business delegations, trade shows outside Germany and funding instruments. It's the right place to go to get informed!

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