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Logistics is a forward-looking growth sector that has high innovative potency and acts as a catalyst stimulating new jobs. The increasing globalization of the supply and sales markets, which have received new impetus through the extension of the EU – as well as the ever-closer economic interdependence between industry, service providers and retailers and the rapid growth in added-value services on offer – only serve to reinforce this trend. The logistics industry is important to Lower Saxony, and is instrumental in the competitive and sustainable development of the overall region as a business location.

Lower Saxony today has all the basic requirements that characterize an attractive, high-achieving location:

  • a central situation (i.e. proximity to the relevant markets);
  • ideal sites available at fair market prices;
  • efficient intermodal transport infrastructure;
  • high-performance logistics hot-spots;
  • excellent transport connections and networking capacity; and
  • a high level of logistical expertise.

The state government recognized the importance of logistics at an early stage and Lower Saxony was, in 2002, among the first federal states to launch its own logistics initiative. This scheme's aims are:

  • to maintain and enhance Lower Saxony's competitiveness as a business location;
  • to better use the existing transport infrastructure and to fully utilize the interfaces between different modes of transport;
  • to serve as an information and communications platform for all players in the field of logistics and transport;
  • to market Lower Saxony as a location for logistics operations at both national and international level – especially in the light of the observed tendency towards eastward relocations from the Benelux region;
  • to initiate individual and joint projects that meet the relevant requirements;
  • to network and support specific activities of logistics players; and
  • to create access to marketplaces and provide assistance in setting up cooperative ventures.

Serving as the central information and communications platform of this logistics initiative and the logistics industry in Lower Saxony is an Internet-assisted logistics portal, which networks all those involved while offering the opportunity to provide administrative support and technical implementation with regard to the issues addressed by the initiative and the goals it is pursuing.

The aim is to use this logistics portal to create a cross-sectoral marketplace for Lower Saxony's logistics industry in which collaborative ventures are initiated, in which there are drives to upgrade and diversify the range of logistics services, and in which innovative services are developed and new market potential acquired.
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