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Lower Saxony is a WaterWorld - so dive in!

Along rivers, streams and canals, on its extensive lakes, by the untamed North Sea or on the East Frisian islands - wherever you go, you'll find Lower Saxony indeed has "water, water everywhere". Whether you're most at home on a canoe, water-skis, a sailing boat or a windsurfing board - Lower Saxony's diverse regions offer a wealth of options for a holiday by, in or on the water. And even the less active types will have a splendid time on boat-trips through gorgeous coastal and river landscapes, or sampling fresh-fish specialities. Lower Saxony truly is a WaterWorld!

Its largest inland body of water is Steinhuder Lake, a paradise for sailors and windsurfers. The Elbe, Weser and Ems rivers are the most important navigable waterways within the "three-river state" of Lower Saxony. Countless dykes, rivers and canals, totalling 30,000 kilometres in length, crisscross the state. All are destined for the coastal region dominated by mudflats, where they will join the North Sea. There is a unique nature-conservation area stretching along the coast: in Lower Saxony's Wattenmeer National Park visitors can walk out onto the mudflats to observe the ebb and flow of the tides and the diverse animal life, from humble lugworms to seals. And, strung out off the coast like pearls in a necklace, are the East Frisian islands with their endless sandy beaches.

Canoe touring in the County of Bentheim Image Copyrights: TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH
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