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Politics and state

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The Landtag (State Parliament) of Lower Saxony

As the elected representative organ of the people, the Landtag (state parliament) is the supreme constitutional body in the state. It passes state-level legislation, approves the state budget and elects the Prime Minister. It is also involved in forming the state government, which it oversees. more

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The Lower Saxony state government

The state government consists of a team of ministers headed by the Minister President. Together they form the cabinet which establishes guidelines for state policy, allocates tasks among the various ministries, and passes draft statutes which come before the Landtag where they are put to the vote. more

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The judiciary in Lower Saxony

The judiciary in Lower Saxony employs more than 11,000 people (not including those working in penal institutions). The Ministry of Justice, as the state's supreme judicial authority, is responsible for all courts, prosecuting authorities and penal institutions in Lower Saxony. more

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International relations

Lower Saxony is situated in the heart of Europe, with the continent's major north-south and east-west transport routes passing through the state capital, Hannover. Lower Saxony sees itself as a cosmopolitan, progressive region that attaches great importance to nurturing international relations. more

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