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Spend your holiday on a farm or exploring nature

Unspoiled countryside as far as the eye can see – Lower Saxony's two National Parks present a breathtaking natural spectacle. Visitors to the Wattenmeer UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site not only get to breathe the cleanest air in the world, but also experience a globally unique habitat revealed at high tide – the Wadden Sea mudflats. The exposed sea bed is home to seals, shellfish, shrimps and rare birds.

The wild and romantic Harz National Park is a complete contrast – a low mountain range with extensive woods and crystal-clear lakes. The state's 13 Naturparks, including the Lüneburg Heath, Lake Steinhude or the hills of the Weserbergland, are equally worth exploring. Visitors are invited to discover for themselves the protected fauna and flora and to sample regional products and specialities.

A holiday on a farm guarantees a terrific time for the whole family. Lower Saxony's farms and manor houses offer up pure, unadulterated country life and great hospitality at affordable prices. These enterprises now cater for visitors seeking rest and relaxation amid rural idyll. Children, especially, will be fascinated by the cows, horses, pigs, hens and other farmyard animals. Holidaymakers are welcome to muck in and help out in pigpen, stable or fields. In "Heuhotels" (Hay Hotels) visitors can even sleep in style in the barn or on a bed of hay. Selected farms offer this rustic, nostalgic form of accommodation from May to October. A farm holiday in Lower Saxony means getting back to nature, with fun and relaxation all the way!

Rough-and-ready family accommodation in "hay hotels" Image Copyrights: TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH
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