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Lower Saxony can boast a diverse and high-quality museum scene. There's a great deal on offer, including the extensive collections of the tradition-rich state museums in Hannover, Brunswick and Oldenburg, art museums of high renown, and small establishments with specialist collections. Exhibits in some 560 of these facilities give the lay public and experts alike a vivid idea of lifestyles and the world of work both past and present, and provide close encounters with nature, technology, classical and contemporary art.

Among the highlights of Lower Saxony's varied museum scene are: the state's oldest museum, the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum in Brunswick, which was opened to the public as early as 1754; Hannover's Sprengel Museum, which exhibits works representing the finest in 20th-century art; and the Kunsthalle in Emden, which also originated from a large private collection. Several of the state's museums are devoted to individual artists: outstanding examples are the Felix Nussbaum House in Osnabrück and the Horst Janssen Museum in Oldenburg.

Alongside the museums, Lower Saxony also has around 50 art societies, with other institutions offering a wealth of both permanent and special exhibitions covering historical and contemporary themes from the worlds of art, nature, technology and many other spheres of life.

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