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Lower Saxony can boast a rich and diverse theatrical scene. The three state theatres - in Hannover, Brunswick and Oldenburg - are among the most prestigious venues, their productions attracting attention far beyond the state's borders. more

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Lower Saxony's literary landscape is marked both by centuries of history and by diversity and quality in the present day. more

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Lower Saxony can boast a diverse and high-quality museum scene. There's a great deal on offer, including the extensive collections of the tradition-rich state museums in Hannover, Brunswick and Oldenburg, art museums of high renown, and small establishments with specialist collections. more

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Linguistic diversity

In Lower Saxony you will find one of the smallest linguistic enclaves in Europe: Saterland. Low German, popularly called Plattdeutsch, is Europe's most important recognized regional language. more

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Heritage conservation and archaeology

Churches, castles and manor houses, historical gardens, buildings testifying to how both the bourgeoisie and rural dwellers lived in the past, and the numerous relicts marking our technological development - Lower Saxony has a diverse archaeological and built heritage. more

State Exhibition 2014 Image Copyrights: Landesmuseum Hannover

State Exhibition 2014

The main exhibition Hanover's Rulers on the English Throne 1714-1837 in the Lower Saxony State Museum Hanover will present the history and cultural history of this personal union in a visitor and media-friendly way. more

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